2023 Webinars [Click for Videos]

  • Chris Henderson, FDN-P – Light and Health In Our Modern World
  • Dr. Ashley Berry – Pre and Post-Operative Care of the Surgical Patient
  • Dr. Sandeep Gupta & Dr. Janet Kim – NeuroQuant (vMRI) and Functional Imaging Update

2022 Webinars [Click for Videos]

  • Dr. Bruce Patterson – Diagnostics & Treatment for Long COVID, ME/CFS, Chronic Lyme
  • Drs. Sandeep Gupta – Treating the Sensitive Biotoxin Illness Patient
  • Various ACIIDS Members – General Q&A On Long COVID, ME/CFS and CIRS Treatments
  • Dr. Richard Schloeffel, OAM – Long COVID and ME/CFS: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Management Options
  • Dr. Ashley Berry – Testing Strategies for Complex Patients (ME/CFS Case Study)
  • Dr. Hugh Derham – Chronic Infections and Mast Cell Activation In Chronic Fatiguing Illnesses

2021 Webinars [Click for Videos]

  • Dr. Kenneth Leigner – Disulfiram in the treatment of Lyme disease and Babesiosis

2020 Webinars [Click for Videos]

  • Dr. James Read – Lyme-like illness, Borreliosis & Chronic Vector-borne Illness
  • Drs. Sandeep Gupta & Dr. Georgina Hale – Perspectives on Traumatic & Post-infectious Brain Injury
  • Dr. Mark Westaway – MCAS Update

2019 Webinars [Click for videos]

  • Dr. Mary Ackerley – Measuring neuroinflammation & brain atrophy in complex chronic disease using NeuroQuant
  • Dr. Lawrence Afrin – MCAS

2018 Webinars [Click for Videos]

  • Dr. Richard Schloeffel, OAM – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome diagnosis
  • Dr. Rashmi Cabena – Mycotoxins: importance, assessment and management
  • Dr. Sandeep Gupta – NeuroQuant: An update

2017 Webinars [Click for videos]

  • Dr. Peter Dobie – Highlights of ILADS Conference, Philadelphia Nov 2016
  • Carolyn Ledowsky – MTHFR, Cell Danger & Chronic Diseases
  • Dr. Peter Dobie – Mould Biotoxin Disease
  • Jennie Bourke – 15 Years of Detection of Chronic Infections and Interesting Bacteria

2016 Webinars [Click for Video]

  • Dr. Christabelle Yeoh & Dr. Georgina Hale – DNRS and other Neurotherapies

2015 Webinars [Click for videos]

  • Dr. Hugh Derham – Four Patients Who Acquired Borreliosis/Lyme Disease In Australia
  • Dr. Peter Mayne – Difficult Cases in Chronic Infectious Disease
  • Dr. Henry Butt – The Gut Microbiome & Neurocognitive Impairment
  • Dr. Sandeep Gupta – A Little About Coag Negative Staph

2014 Webinars [Click for Videos]

  • Dr. Peter Mayne – Guidelines for Borreliosis Management and Associated Infections
  • Dr. Sandeep Gupta – HLA DQ/DR Gene Testing in Chronic Illness Patients