By joining ACIIDS as a Full member, you will recieve:

  1. Access to the ACIIDS email list where you can ask questions and share case studies with some of Australia’s leading integrative health practitioners.
  2. Access to new ACIIDS webinars and past webinar library.
  3. Savings on the ACIIDS annual conference.
  4. Voting privileges at our annual general meeting (voting occurs every two years).
  5. Ability to be nominated for, and sit on, the ACIIDS board.
  • Cost: AUD $120 for the first year, $240 per year thereafter.
    • You can pay securely via any debit or credit card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay.
    • This is recurring subscription that will renew in one year.
    • You can cancel your subscription, or update your card details, at any time.